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Ilya Lopert ultimately acquired the rights with the intention of casting Booth and hiring Anatole Litvak to direct. Roberto Rossellini expressed interested in directing the film with Ingrid Bergman as Jane, and Olivia de Havilland supposedly considered starring in the project.It later was reported she was negotiating with Daniel Mann instead, and Laurents would be adapting his play for the screen. Government officials initially resisted director David Lean's request to allow his crew to film on location during the summer months, the height of the tourist season, especially when local gondolieri, fearful they would lose income, threatened to strike if he was given permission to do so.That evening, Jane walks to the Piazza San Marco, where the sight of so many couples leaves her slightly depressed.While seated in a café, she becomes aware of a solitary Italian man watching her and quickly leaves.Renato realises that she thinks he has swindled her, but he assures her that some designs have been used for centuries on Murano and he insists that her goblet is an antique.

Jane is also pestered off and on during her stay by a friendly young Italian street urchin, Mauro.Upon returning to the pensione, Jane discovers Eddie is having an affair with Signora Fiorini.Renato arrives and tells her their relationship is none of her business.After dinner, Jane and Renato venture to Renato's apartment and their affair is consummated.After spending time with Renato on the island of Burano, Jane, unwilling to remain in a relationship she knows is destined to end unhappily, decides to return home.

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