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Under the artistic production of Blind Records Studio, they have managed to squeeze the best Roger Margarit can give.

Songs like "L'home de Negre", "La canç del Menda", "Hivern of marbre"... Picap is happy to announce that we are the only Catalan record label who has 2 albums in the prestigious list World Music Charts Europe.

If Xavier Trnez releases his personal project, so does his partner Daniel Ses leading the band Darània with a splendid singer-songwriter pop with the beautiful voice of Ivet Remacha.

The eagerly awaited second album of successful Blaumut will be one of the most important news releases of the season.

Setembre: It is true (Setembre = September), it could not be at another moment, in the next few weeks the new album by SETEMBRE will be released.

Music without artifice made with honesty and a variety that permeates every note, lyrics and melodies to sing again and again and reinterpret them in every listen.

Bea Garcia has been for two consecutive month in the list and rising position.

In the new album, brief and intense, I talk about issues like loss, loneliness, artistic creation or the fear of getting older.

To do this, I use of inspiring images of pictures of my mother and curious characters such as the selling of stories woman, the man in black, or the owner of the sidecar, which appear in the imaginary bar and interact with the protagonist or simply shows his charismatic personality.

I do not usually remember my dreams but I'm quite sure that they are not far from the surreal universe that have tried to draw with the new album "El secret del bàrman”.

This album is a portrait of the two or three darkest years of my short life on Earth; two or three years marked by the untimely death of my mother (great artist and better person) and all this meant for me and my people.

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