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I think they would have difficulties in a blind test. Spraying a little on a paper strip I handed the paper to the ladies. So I sprayed a little on a forearm to see how it worked on my skin and we continued on our journey through the park. But i just expected more from what i read on the reviews. And to the guy who's butt hurt that i don't like his signature scent, go play in traffic. SKU Number: 3346470200159 Batch Number: 6P01 (Production Date: 02/2016) Age: 21 From: Jet Size: 75 ML Scent: 7/10 (Another chocolate mint fragrance) Value: 9/10 (Cost .15) Sillage: 10/10 (Six feet) Longevity: 8/10 (Eight hours) Creativity: 6.5/10 (Sweetish chocolate frag) Projection: 8/10 (Little over two hours) Versatility: 10/10 (Anytime & anywhere) Compliments: 10/10 (I like it & others do too! Got a sample based on people saying it was a "refined A*Men". Even the cacao note is different; closer to the one in Chocolate Greedy (not saying they smell alike). But it was not a big deal comparing to what they have done recently to the packaging and the juice.

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At the end of the day, it's all about the scent, and that's what I'll be reviewing this based on, nothing else is taken into consideration. Yeah he can pull it off, it's a nice scent, but it's just seems odd, like it doesn't belong on him. All things aside, there is one thing I cannot fault this scent with, and that's it's uniqueness. when I wear something like, say, Versace Eros (nothing wrong with eros, really nice frag!

On all fronts this gets: 10/10 This is a great one. I think they should have just put a higher concentration of everything for the EDP to make it stronger rather than go the extra Patchouli route. Sometimes when you kill the bottle, you kill the fragrance.

I remember wearing it one day and thinking it reminded me of a Latin type fragrance. When I first got it the dry woody dusty light beams part of the scent was the most apparent I finally got to try it (and the black-rimmed version too)! The first time I tried this scent, several years back, I was with my daughter and a woman I as dating at that time. I was just starting down the path of my fragrance obsession so they were not surprised when I took us off course to a small perfume shop on Disney property. Too bad for such an extraordinary perfume with impressive love/hate rate (see above).

Try blending Muglers Ultra Zest with the L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Eau Extreme , two sprays each on either side of the upper and lower neck, the orange tanginess of Ultra Zest goes well with the LIDGE macho cacaoness . The mixture of tones is too much complex, undefinable, confusing. 08.4/10.0 - Scent(Top)/Aroma(Topo) 08.5/10.0 - Scent(Mid)/Aroma(Meio) 08.7/10.0 - Scent(Base)/Aroma(Base) 09.6/10.0 - Uniqueness/Singularidade 09.7/10.0 - Longevity/Longevidade 09.0/10.0 - Sillage/Rastro 07.5/10.0 - Versatility/Versatilidade 08.6/10.0 - Presentation/Apresentação -------------------------------------------------------------------- 08.6/10.0 - Total Personal notes!

It seems that it is a mixture of all kinds of essences one could find and put in one bottle. Certainly for guys 30 who can appreciate a complex fragrance like this. Based on general comparison ranks among other fragrances. Baseadas em ranques gerais de comparação entre outras fragrâncias.

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