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It’s about making it to the top of your profession and still being criticized for your “nagging” voice or your wardrobe choices.

It’s about being told your gender means you can’t understand the game, and then walking into a press conference at the NCAA women’s Sweet 16 and realizing you’re the only female reporter in the packed press room.

It’s about the fact that just two years ago, female journalists were stopped on their way into the Indianapolis Colts locker room to get post-game interviews because the usher was unsure if they were allowed into the locker room to do their job.

It’s about being denied on-camera opportunities unless you’re pretty and skinny enough; and then, if you are pretty and skinny enough, being dismissed and discredited because of your appearance.

It’s about telling a new person you meet that you are a sports reporter, and bracing yourself to receive the incredulous, “Really?

” Or, even worse, the inexplicable, “Do you like sports?

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What Newton said hurts so much because it didn’t happen in a vacuum.It happened in a world where women and non-binary people are still fighting for respect on a day in, day out basis — across many fields, yes, but particularly in sports media.This is about so much more than just one question about a receiver’s routes.We have a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.All links on this site lead to pages provided by 3rd parties.

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