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Wondering what it's going to take to transform you into making the changes you long for? As one of Santa Fe's largest private counseling centers, we can provide an approach and therapist that is the best fit for you.""Addiction is a disease.

We provide an Intensive Outpatient Program, one-on-one weekly session with our therapist, aftercare services, family support and an alumni program. From your first phone-call, through your participation with our alumni group, you will always be treated with respect, understanding and compassion by our staff.

Our entire staff is dedicated to insuring those who seek help are supported in a collaborative venture where our clients and staff are working together for recovery.""The Life Healing Center takes an individualized approach to the treatment of emotional trauma, mental health disorders and various forms of addiction.

We have been providing comprehensive, integrative residential treatment for trauma resolution and addictive disorders for more than 15 years.

We use a combination of Cognitive-Neural Restructuring Therapy, which facilitates change at the cellular level of the brain, and a Task-Centered Approach designed by Dr.

Patrick Carnes, Ph D., the pioneer of sexual addiction treatment.

Vista Taos Renewal Center has a combination of program characteristics that cannot be found at any other treatment facility and are the reason for our success in addiction treatment Our individual attention through our 20 person capacity provides an interpersonal experience that serves as the foundation for the fellowship, sponsorship, and trust involved in twelve step program success.

Everyone will struggle at one time or another with life's conflicts and challenges.

Rio Grande Counseling & Guidance Services will help you take the first step toward a more rewarding way of life.""Our mission is to empower our clients in finding the most creative and effective ways of achieving and maintaining good health and happiness.

Rio Grande Counseling & Guidance Services will help you take the first step toward a more rewarding way of life.""In the quarter century since it accepted its first patient, Desert Hills Hospital has developed a well-deserved reputation for providing superior clinical care to children and adolescents (ages 5 to 21) who are struggling with behavioral, emotional, or cognitive challenges.

The Desert Hills treatment model also provides therapeutic and educational support services for patients' family members.

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