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But with Cooper's career ended by spinal stenosis, Peyton no longer was tethered to Oxford, where the campus speed limit -- 18 miles per hour -- is an homage to Archie's jersey number.

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That'd sound like Tommy -- not, 'I'll make you pay for picking me last.' It's more like, 'I'm glad that happened to me; that showed me how to work.' That's the Tommy I know." That part, even now, hasn't changed all that much.NFL Media's Judy Battista and Albert Breer dig into the story of the rival quarterbacks, who've combined for four Super Bowl rings and six NFL MVP awards, and how they became the league's standard bearers while traveling different paths.They had expected to be back in Mississippi by the time they were raising their children, because the New Orleans party scene worried Archie and Olivia Manning."But as to whether or not we'd know this would culminate as it has, it's an unfolding story in our lives that we could never even conceive. But Tom and Galynn marvel at each new episode." Brady might not have left Serra seen as the next Swann or Bonds, but he wound up accomplishing plenty.You don't get a scholarship to play quarterback at Michigan otherwise.

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