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The Welsh beauty was just breaking into Hollywood after a successful TV career in the UK, and this union propelled her into the big time.

Not that you can put all her success down to marrying into an acting dynasty, as the talented actress has won both Academy Awards and Golden Globes for her on-screen efforts. A true pin-up beauty, Anna Nicole Smith is unfortunately better known as an industrious gold-digger. Howard Marshall in 1994, aged 27, but it was later revealed that the oil tycoon didn’t leave her anything in his will (he died in 1995).

So, in relationships both past and present, involving partners dead and alive – read on for the celebs who’ve gone for older men.

The 32-year-old Puerto Rican actress first made a name for herself as a drug baron’s wife in the film American Gangster. Incidentally, Nadal has a Masters degree in Chemistry. This supporting actress first came to fame in 2000 when she landed a part in Baywatch – and a year later she was named Playmate of the Year.

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The Slovenian beauty was gracing the covers of Vogue when she met her older man. As Donald Trump’s third wife, Melanie married into a life of luxury and wore a 0,000 Christian Dior dress to walk down the aisle.Better known as Mrs Eastwood, the lovely Dina married Clint in 1996, when he surprised her with a wedding! The couple have a teenage daughter called Morgan, and all seems to be going swimmingly despite the age gap.At 25 years her senior, Michael Douglas fell on his feet when the gorgeous Catherine agreed to marry him.Yeah, there are the Demi Moores of this world, but they’re not quite twice as old as their younger partners; it turns out that it’s rich, powerful men who are more likely to bag themselves gorgeous women.To reach an age gap of truly massive proportions you’ve got to look to the Hugh Hefners and Donald Trumps out there, as they’re the only ones with enough pulling power to nab someone who’s a celeb in their own right.

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