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In the first episode of Arrested Development fourth season, he played an airport ticket attendant alongside his Workaholics co-stars.He co-starred as Bumper Allen in the 2012 musical comedy film Pitch Perfect.He had a recurring role on the television series Samantha Who? He also appeared on an episode of the Fox show Traffic Light (2011).In season 4 of Community (2013), he played a small role as William Winger, Jr., Jeff's half-brother.He has voiced characters in films including Ice Age: Collision Course and The Lego Batman Movie.In June 1995, when he was 11 years old, De Vine was walking his bike across a street in Omaha, Nebraska.'With dating you can be, "Hey, it's not working out," and you're out. There were a lot of friends and family that weren't even able to come, I felt bad about that.

He stars along the film with Alexandra Daddario, Shelley Hennig and Robbie Amell.He stars in his own Comedy Central series, Adam De Vine's House Party, which debuted in October 2013.He later made a cameo appearance in the video for the 2016 Blink-182 song "She's Out of Her Mind".To pass the time De Vine called into his local radio station and impersonated celebrities to entertain himself and others.Upon returning to school, De Vine experienced bullying, but told jokes as a way to deflect attention away from his injuries.

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    Trusting one's partner to be faithful and to fulfill her/his role as a significant other was a common theme.

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    I'm also digging Hey Tell, an app that turns your i Phone into a walkie-talkie—like sending a text with your voice. As for the extended high-school-style phone calls, we limited those to a few times a week—you know, so we actually had something new to say—and saved Skype for the really lonely nights.